Thu. Jul 9th, 2020

Philadelphia 76ers podcast: Ben Simmons’ return and Orlando record predictions – The Sixer Sense

Philadelphia 76ers podcast: Ben Simmons’ return and Orlando record predictions  The Sixer Sense

More talk about the Philadelphia 76ers’ upcoming journey to Orlando.

Ryan Callahan joins Lucas Johnson and Christopher Kline for this week’s episode of The Sixer Sense Podcast. They start with their views of the season starting despite the 16 NBA player coronavirus cases. The news of more than a dozen positive tests may have caused fear in the minds of some fans, but the guys come up with some optimistic views on how the players will stay safe while still resuming the season.

Then, they dive into the signing of Ryan Broekhoff, an Australian player with a nice three-point touch. He will have to prove himself during training camp, and the guys offer realistic expectations for minutes should he be able to earn any.

Next, they jump into Ben Simmons mode to talk about his play after returning from his back injury. They debate whether he will be a different player, and if his injury will have Brett Brown on eggshells when it comes to Simmons playing more than 30 minutes a game.

The guys also discuss the interview of Tobias Harris on ESPN’s First Take when he spoke about the team’s chemistry issues. His role as a vocal leader is touched on, and him possibly getting more pick-and-roll plays as the season begins again.

Then, Uriah Young steps in to moderate a discussion between Lucas, Chris, and Ryan where they predict how many wins and losses the Sixers will end the season with before entering the playoffs. There’s some 4-4 records, a 5-3 record, and one ridiculous 8-0 prediction that may leave you scratching your head. All in fun as they say!

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