Mon. Feb 24th, 2020

Philadelphia 76ers: Mike Scott gets into confrontation at Eagles game – The Sixer Sense

Philadelphia 76ers: Mike Scott gets into confrontation at Eagles game  The Sixer Sense

A fan is rumored to have instigated a confrontation with Philadelphia 76ers forward Mike Scott at an Eagles game. What happens next?

The Philadelphia 76ers might have a problem.

A potential discipline issue could be on the horizon for Philadelphia 76ers forward Mike Scott. At an Eagles tailgate Sunday morning, a fan is rumored to have instigated a confrontation that resulted in Scott knocking out said fan. You can watch the video here, if you so choose.

The reason, of course, was Scott’s Redskins fandom. While it’s not the foremost concern here, it’s worth noting — fighting a dude because he’s in Washington gear does a lot to perpetuate a false, negative narrative around Philadelphia sports fans. It’s a bad look.

As for Scott, all indications point to him playing defense in this scenario. The NBA star didn’t walk up to a tailgate and start swinging at fans — a shocker, I know. He should, in theory, be in the clear for that reason. You can’t poke a 6-foot-9 bear, who ain’t no b–, and expect nothing bad to happen.

But given the nature of sports and sports management, it’s still a considered bad look when players knock out fans in public. While I’m not sure Scott has the name recognition to garner major coverage on ESPN and other platforms, it’s still something the Sixers might handle internally.

There’s a chance the NBA and the Sixers organization throw a fine in Scott’s direction. Not a warranted fine, but one to avoid whatever slippery slope the front office and NBA offices might perceive as possible. A suspension is also not unfathomable.

When it comes down to it, though, this altercation took place outside the Sixers’ realm. And Scott was defending himself — he showed up to the tailgate to take selfies and meet fans, not get into scuffles.

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Unless there are legal issues to iron out, the Sixers should leave it alone. It’s really not worth creating a major issue. Not when Scott was, again, on defense. It doesn’t appear to be his fault.