Tue. Jan 26th, 2021

Philadelphia 76ers: ESPN Ranks Top 74 Jerseys in NBA History – Sports Illustrated

Philadelphia 76ers: ESPN Ranks Top 74 Jerseys in NBA History  Sports Illustrated

Dating back to the Philadelphia Warriors days, Philly’s pro basketball team has had some of the best jerseys the NBA has seen, according to ESPN. And since the Philadelphia 76ers have been in action since the 60s, they’ve had plenty of uniforms created and worn by legendary hoops players, which has earned them multiple spots on ESPN’s top 74 jerseys in the history of the NBA.

Before we get to today’s uniforms, let’s go back in time and check out how the old threads placed on this historical list. Coming in nearly from the bottom at No. 72 was the 76ers’ red ‘SIXERS’ jersey, which was worn from 1994 to 1997. It was one of the first jerseys that Sixers’ legend Allen Iverson wore early on in his successful career. 

At No. 62, it wasn’t the Philadelphia 76ers, but it was the Philadelphia Warriors who made the list with the original blue design worn in 1946 to 1962. Shortly after, the 76ers were back on the map with their two-tone ‘PHILA’ look at No. 60.

The 76ers had three more jersey combinations pop up at No. 57 (classic red), No. 48 (bicentennial stars), and No. 47 (PHILA) before today’s uniform mixture cracked the list. They might not be a top-30 selection, according to ESPN’s panel, but the present-day white ‘PHILA’ jerseys the Sixers typically wear at home ranked at No. 41. 

Now, where does that rank in terms of today’s uniforms on the list? Fifth place behind the Spurs’ black uniforms (No. 29), Warriors white modern jerseys (No. 27), the Heat’s alternative ‘Miami Vice’ collection (No. 8), and the Chicago Bulls red road combo (No. 3).

It’s tough to argue these ranks. While the Spurs’ black uniforms are somewhat simple and basic, sometimes less is more. As for the Warriors’ white modern jerseys, they are tough to pass up considering the success that uniform combination has seen, which goes hand in hand with the Bulls red road jerseys. 

Today’s Bulls might not be doing that classic uniform combo any favors, but Michael Jordan wore it — so you know it’s inevitably one of the best. 

If it’s any consolation for the 76ers, they did have a top-15 jersey ranked on the list. At No. 13 came in the 76ers’ early 2000s black uniforms, which Iverson is popularly known for donning. The Sixers haven’t worn that combination as a throwback yet since they did away with them years ago. Perhaps, that should change sometime in the near future.

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him on Twitter: @JGrasso_