Mon. Jul 6th, 2020

NBA Rumors: Multiple Teams Interested in 76ers’ Norvel Pelle – Sports Illustrated

NBA Rumors: Multiple Teams Interested in 76ers’ Norvel Pelle  Sports Illustrated

The days are winding down for the Philadelphia 76ers to make a decision on two-way center, Norvel Pelle. In the matter of a few days, Pelle’s contract will force him to stay in the G-League permanently, playing for the Sixers’ developmental affiliates, the Blue Coats.

As of late, Pelle has been getting some playing time for the Sixers. As the 26-year-old big man showed some promise during his time in Delaware, the Sixers got curious and wanted to see what he could do in the big leagues.

At this point in the year, Pelle has appeared in ten games for the 76ers. Although he hasn’t hit his stride on offense just yet, his defense has stood out. As a solid rim protector, Pelle has made highlights multiple times for his vicious shot blocks.

Considering he’s a valuable piece off the bench for the defensive side of the ball, the Sixers remain intrigued with Pelle’s abilities. Therefore, there is a good chance they keep him around as a reserve — but it won’t be easy.

For starters, the Sixers have a full roster. If they want to keep Pelle available for them beyond the next couple of days, a spot will have to open up. By now, we’ve been made aware that the Sixers won’t allow backup point guard Trey Burke to walk. So that leaves one less potential spot opening up on the roster for Pelle.

The Sixers could always allow the rookie to continue to develop with the Coats, but according to The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Keith Pompey, Pelle has garnered some interest around the NBA for his services.

In Pompey’s report, the plan for the Sixers was to convert Pelle’s contract so that he can remain as a reserve for the Sixers. Considering other teams will look to try and acquire the rookie if Philly fails to make room in time, that might urge the Sixers to figure out a solution very soon.

It’s unclear who could potentially find themselves out of a contract with the Sixers if they elect to keep Pelle, but at this point, holding on to the promising 26-year-old seems like the right decision for the Sixers.