Tue. Oct 20th, 2020

JJ Redick Enjoys Seeing Philadelphia 76ers succeed – Sports Illustrated

JJ Redick Enjoys Seeing Philadelphia 76ers succeed  Sports Illustrated

PHILADELPHIA, PA — During the last two NBA seasons, the Philadelphia 76ers were guided by their veteran leader, JJ Redick. Although Redick was limited in his skillset with the Sixers, his contributions went well beyond being a decent three-point shooter.

Similar to how he is now with the New Orleans Pelicans, Redick was an experienced captain while playing with the 76ers. Seeing as though their team was headlined by both, Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid, the young guys needed guidance. JJ Redick provided that.

Nowadays, Redick is no longer with the 76ers. After spending the last two seasons in Philly on one-year deals, Redick landed himself a healthy, two-year deal out in New Orleans.

Despite wanting to wrap his career up in Philadelphia, Redick went on and took on a nice opportunity, which featured more money and more years on a young team with substantial upside.

By no means is Redick’s new squad having identical success to his recent former squad, but the veteran sharpshooter isn’t percisely bitter about it. In fact, the former Sixer is enjoying the tought of his former team succeeding without him.

On Friday night, JJ Redick makes his return to the Wells Fargo Center for the first time since last spring. As he discussed playing against Philly for the first time in a couple of years, Redick revealed that he’s still very much a fan of the 76ers.

“Yeah, I watch them,” Redick said on Friday during the Pelicans’ pregame shootaround. “It’s weird to say this, but I’m enjoying their success — I really am. I will always pull for any Brett Brown coached team. I obviously love Joel [Embiid], Ben [Simmons], and Tobias [Harris], and all of those other guys I’ve played with the last two years.”

Redick will have the opportunity to play at The Center once more on Friday night. As you can expect, the veteran guard is excited to represent his new team in front of his former fan base. Sometimes, former players don’t always get a warm reception from Sixers fans when they return. However, somebody like Redick will more than likely generate more cheers than boos — especially after hearing how much he still enjoys Philly.