Tue. Nov 24th, 2020

Answer: Thanks for the question, Eugene. There was a story last week that the Sixers like James Harden. My response: no kidding. Acquiring Harden from the Oklahoma City Thunder was Morey’s best trade in his 13 years as general manager at Houston. We examined a possible Harden trade for Ben Simmons and a few other parts in last week’s newsletter and I am sure Morey will inquire about Harden. But we’re not so sure that Houston would be willing to part with him. As for Westbrook, I would guess there is zero interest from the Sixers. They need somebody who can shoot. Westbrook is only a career 30.5% three-point shooter, including 25.8% this past regular season and 24.2% in the playoffs. Plus he is signed for three more seasons, which includes a player option in the final year, 2022-2023 for more than $47 million. Harden has a similar contract, but he would interest the Sixers more because of his ability to shoot from distance.