Mon. Jul 6th, 2020

3 most pressing NBA Draft needs for the Philadelphia 76ers – Hoops Habit

3 most pressing NBA Draft needs for the Philadelphia 76ers  Hoops Habit

Philadelphia 76ers, NBA Draft Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

As the 2019- 2020 NBA season looms, the Philadelphia 76ers may need to start looking at the NBA Draft in order to solve some of the team’s existing issues.

Over the past decade, the Philadelphia 76ers have turned their focus towards the NBA Draft. Towards the middle of the 2010s, the ultimate goal was to acquire as much upper-echelon talent as possible. This era was known as “The Process” era.

Because the team made this focus a priority, they were able to hit a few of their picks. In particular, the Sixers were able to hit on Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. These two have become the most important building blocks of the franchise since the Allen Iverson days.

Now, with those acquisitions has come a need to complete the roster through free agency and trades. It was all well and good that the Sixers had all of these picks and assets, but it was time to flip them and build a contender. This approach helped the Philadelphia 76ers land Tobias Harris, Josh Richardson, and Al Horford.

Since then, the Sixers have a new philosophy heading into the draft. That philosophy centers around finding complementary pieces for the roster. Because the Sixers will likely be picking in the 20s, they need to focus on building the roster up. This approached worked out well for the Sixers already, as they have been able to hit on Matisse Thybulle, who looks to be a key piece to the Sixers going forward.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of holes that the Sixers have to address. Because they have expended their cap space on their starting lineup, it will be important for them to find players in the NBA Draft who fit their needs. As such, here are some of the Philadelphia 76ers’ biggest NBA Draft needs.