Jill’s Green Lawn

To be honest not very many people love to water plants let alone the lawns. What is true however is that the beauty of the natural landscape created by them is just simply irresistible. Sprinklers have become one way for most people to water their plants and not have to move very much or, sometimes, at all. Sprinklers make the work of watering so much easier. They allow the lawns to grow uniformly and reduce the pressure of having to go out and ensure there is consistency in how the lawn is watered. To have this stress free watering experience, one needs to know how to choose the correct sprinkler for their lawn. Otherwise, watering will still be stressful to you and your household.

1. Consider the size, shape and type of your lawn

There very many kinds of lawns. In fact your neighbor’s lawn may be very different from your own in terms of shape and the type of grass. The size and shape are all determined by your preferences and what kind of landscape design you were going for. The type of sprinkler you buy will also depend on these three factors. For example is your grass is thick and voluminous and does well even with little watering, you may need to water less but with much more pressure so the water does not stay at the leaves but goes down to the roots. Grass that is not very thick will need a sprinkler with less pressure so that it does not cause soil erosion or worse expose your young seeds and undistributed the fertilizer.

The size of your lawn will also determine what kind of sprinkler you buy. If your lawn is small, you may opt to go for the stationary sprinkler. If it is very big however, traveling sprinklers will be more convenient. Rotating sprinklers will also depend on the size of your sprinkler. If your lawn is smaller, go for less sprinkler heads, if it is bigger the more heads the better and the faster your watering is done.

2. The cost

If you are running on a tight budget, buying one powerful sprinkler will be better that buying several smaller ones remember that your lawn will grow so go for an option that will also cater for your future needs. Remember that stationary sprinklers are the cheapest kinds of sprinklers but may not be feasible if you have a big yard. Investing on one traveling sprinkler may be more convenient and cheaper than buying several stationary ones or having to change the location every now and then.

3. Remember to opt for metal over plastic any time

Metal sprinklers will hold much better and serve you much longer. When you forget you take your sprinkler indoor during the hot days, the plastic may expend and be unable to contract to their previous size. Plastics may also break when put under pressure or when hit may objects. Durability is always key therefore invest on metals because they will serve you much longer.